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Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese “art of placement”. “Placement” of what?  It is the placement of furniture, plants, colours and materials in a manner that they create a positive energy cycle. The belief is that energy needs the right stimuli to flow easily through a space. When the energy is positive, people living and working in that space feel positive. When the energy is stagnant and negative, they will feel restless, frustrated and depressed.

We have all been in the situation where we have entered a home / shop / office, and immediately wanted to turn around and walk out. Very often you can’t put your finger on why, but you know you want to get out. The other side of the coin is when you enter a house or building and you feel like you could stay there forever. You feel comfortable, safe and grounded.

That is the Feng Shui of the space you are in.

Who can use Feng Shui?

The short answer to that is: anyone can apply Feng Shui principles in their living and working space.

The longer answer is: Feng Shui can be specifically beneficial to you if you:
  • Are planning to build new home (discover the ideal placements of your rooms);
  • Want to create a warm, inviting and positive home or workplace;
  • Want to re-energise yourself in order to achieve your long and short-term goals;
  • Do not know how to deal with clutter or have a tendency to keep everything;
  • Do not know what colours to use in your rooms;
  • Have difficulty in prioritising your goals;
  • Feel like you are stagnating in certain aspects of your life (social life, career, relationship, etc.);
  • Want to sleep better;
  • Want to develop your creative or spiritual side;
  • Want to help your children with their studies or creative side;
  • Want to completely change profession but can’t take the first step;
  • Are having difficulties in renting out, or selling your home;
  • Are renting and cannot make significant decorating changes but want to personalise the space;
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